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Legal Warning

The following articles explain the rules relating to the people who visit www.yapi-yapi.com website. This website is owned by Yapı & Yapı İnşaat Taahhüt San ve Tic .A.Ş and the users who visit the website shall be deemed to have agreed to the following conditions, including but not limited to those which are written and within the frame of purpose and circumstances.

The users may use the information and documents on this website just to obtain information. The information contained herein may not be copied, distributed, rented, reproduced, sub-licensed, modified, retained/kept for future use, used for commercial purposes or used in any way without prior written permission from Yapı & Yapı. Access to this site is free and anonymous. To falsify any information contained on this site in any way; will cause any kind of criminal legal proceedings.

Yapı & Yapı accepts no responsibility/liability for any damages and / or losses arising from the information published on the website or the transactions execute on the basis of the information or failure/inability to access the site. The publication of this website does not contain any commitment to any person and / or organization in any respect. All liability/responsibility for any decision to be made in the light of the information on the site belongs to the person who visits this site.

Yapı & Yapı cannot be held liable/responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may arise from entering or using Yapı & Yapı web site or any web site accessed by way of making a connection from this web site.

All information, tables, comments and recommendations included on the site and all links made herein are presented to the user for information purposes. Yapı & Yapı has made every reasonable effort to reflect the current status/situation on the web site. Yapı & Yapı are the sole authority to carry out operations such as revising, changing, correcting and removing the information on the site at any time without prior notice and have all rights in this regard regarding the revision or correction of the information on this site. The information on the Site is not updated so as to be accurate due to miscellaneous reasons; Yapı & Yapı cannot be held responsible under any circumstances due to delay in revision, possible mistake or deficiency or change on the site.

Information and expressions (designs, pictures, logo, etc.) on this site are copyrighted by Yapı & Yapı. It cannot be used without the written prior consent/permission of Yapı & Yapı. In case of any conflicts/dispute arising from the use of the information contained in the Site, the text of the Turkish Terms of Use shall prevail, and in such case, Yapı & Yapı states and declares that it will exercise all its legal rights.

A follower who sends or submits information to any published Yapı & Yapı document that contains questions, comments, suggestions or similar feedback data by way of responding to the contents of the document in question agrees that such information shall not be deemed/treated as being confidential information. Yapı & Yapı shall have no obligation for such information and has unlimited rights so as to produce, use, disclose and distribute the information in question. Any ideas, concepts, know-how or technique contained in such information may be used by us for any purpose. We may benefit from this information, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing a product that includes this information..

Terms of Use and Confidentiality

In this text of “Terms of Use and Confidentiality”, the principals are regulated in relation to the visiting of the website of Yapı & Yapı İnşaat Taahhüt San ve Tic .A.Ş (“ Yapı & Yapı ”) by the users. It is already considered that the users have accepted and declared that the employees, managers, and the persons or organizations authorized by Yapı & Yapı or any organization that is controlled by it or that it controls will not have any legal or penal responsibility for any contents that does not give rise to any responsibility because of its usage due to the usage of the internet within the framework of general applications or due to the usage of the information that will arise out the loading of any contents by third parties or visitors into the website or for the taking part of the Yapı & Yapı logo in some other website.

Using Cookies

The parts and sections visited by the users during their surfing in the website, and the data such as the clicked domains are automatically gathered by Yapı & Yapı pursuant to paragraph 2/1-j of the law with enactment number 5651. Such data which is obtained by using the technology called "Cookie" are statistical data. What is aimed by this technology is to make it easier for the user to reach the contents from their first visit into the website onward. Most of the scanners are designed in such a way as to accept these “cookies” which were technical communication files at the beginning. However, if the users wish, they may always change the adjusting of the scanners in such a way that will provide for the prevention of the coming up of the technical communication file or that will provide for warning when the technical communication file is sent.

Yapı & Yapı has the right of describing the re-marketing lists which uses as its basis such metrics as number of pages viewed, duration of the visit, and target completion, and association of its actions and behaviors of the users in the website with a “cookie” in the scanner for the purposes of carrying out on-line behavioral advertising and marketing. Afterwards, the users may be shown advertisement contents for the target in the website or in other sites with video advertisement network according to their areas of interest.

Subjects to be attentive about, Pursuant to the Laws with enactment numbers 5651 and 5846

The users accept that there may be links which provide access to another website or content on the website, that the correctness or control of these or their sufficiency is not related to Yapı & Yapı and that Yapı & Yapı doesn’t support these sites in any manner and any way or that it doesn’t guarantee the correctness of the information that they contain and that it doesn’t have any responsibility for the contents of these sites, that Yapı & Yapı doesn’t have any responsibility for any losses and damages that may arise due to the usage of those sites. The users accept that there may be any writing, information, knowledge, comments, opinions, news, image, picture, figure, graphics, and other materials on the website that belong to Yapı & Yapı or to a third party, that Yapı & Yapı has the legal rights in relation to the matter regulated by the Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works, that these may not be copied, altered and changed, duplicated, published, sold, used or may not be intervened and prevented.

Personal Data that may be Collected Pursuant to the Law with enactment number 6698

The users accept that they share their names, last names, e-mail addresses, communication information, and their personal data that they will share for being a member of the website for the purposes of making job applications, presenting their wishes, presenting themselves better, and for following up their user preferences more closely totally on the basis of their own will pursuant to articles 5/1 and 6/2 of the law on the protection of personal data (Privacy Act) with enactment number 6698 and they also accept that such data and information are requested from them for the purposes of presenting and introducing themselves, obtaining better services for themselves, having information and news about their applications and complaints and about the site activities and novelties.

Yapı & Yapı may collect and gather the communication information of the users such as identity information of the users, their e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers, and other information which may be considered as personal data depending on the desires of the users for the purposes of performing and providing the services relating to the website pursuant to the whole legislation and the law on the Protection of personal data (Privacy Act). The users clearly agree to the processing of their data that they may share with Yapı & Yapı in line with their wishes and desires within the scope indicated in these Terms of Use and Confidentiality text.

Pursuant to articles 3 and 7 of the Law on Protection of personal data (Privacy Act), the data that have been made anonym in such a way that may not be turned back will not be considered as personal data pursuant to the terms and conditions of the aforementioned law, and the processing activities in relation to these data will be performed without any connection to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use and Confidentiality.

Purpose of Using Personal Data

Yapı & Yapı may process the collected personal data for the purposes of letting the users benefit from the website, realizing the membership registration if membership in the website is necessary, improving the services presented and provided, developing the service, promoting and introducing the new services and providing information about these new services, providing necessary information for the Users within this scope, contacting with the Users, and fulfilling the liabilities arising out of the nature of the services that it provides.

The subject personal data may be recorded within the scope of Yapı & Yapı reporting and business development activities, and they may be used for the purposes of making miscellenouss statistical assessments, forming a data base, and carrying out market research activities without disclosing the identity of the Users. Also in the event that the Users allow, the subject data may be processed, retained, and transmitted to third parties by the persons with whom Yapı & Yapı collaborates for the purposes of carrying out direct marketing activities; and the Users may be contacted for the purposes of promoting various products and services and providing information for supporting activities through the subject information and data.

Yapı & Yapı may also process the personal data and share them with third parties pursuant to articles 5 and of the Law on the Protection of personal data (Privacy Act) and/or in the event of the existence of exceptions in the relevant legislation without having the consent of the Users.

Sharing Personal Data

Yapı & Yapı may transmit the personal data of the Users and the new data that it has obtained by using such data to the third parties whose services it benefits within the scope of the website for the purposes of performance of the services provided for the Users on the condition that such provision should be limited to the services. Within this scope, Yapı & Yapı may share the data of the Users with such third parties as external source service providers, hosting services providers, law offices, research companies, call centers for the purposes of developing the User experience (including improvement and personalization), providing the security of the Users, detecting the fraudulent or unpermitted usages, making operational assessment research, eliminating the mistakes relating to the website or to the services of Yapı & Yapı, and for the realization of any one of the purposes in these Terms of Use and Confidentiality text or other confidentiality texts submitted to the Users.

The Users agree in advance that they will let the aforementioned third parties retain their personal data in the servers anywhere in the world providing that such retaining will be limited to the purposes indicated here above.

Users’ Right of Access to Data and their Correction Requests

The Users, by applying to Yapı & Yapı, have the rights of learning whether or not the personal data relating to them have been processed, requesting information as to whether their personal data have been processed, learning the purpose of processing of their personal data and whether these are being used in line with the relevant purposes, knowing the third parties in the homeland abroad to whom their personal data have been transmitted, requesting the correction of the personal data in the event that their personal data have processed incompletely or mistakenly, requesting the erasure or destroying of their personal data within the framework of the conditions of the relevant legislation, requesting that the processes of correction, erasure, and destroying should be notified to the third parties to whom the personal data have been transmitted, objecting to a negative consequence as a result of the analysis of the processed data through only automatic systems which will be against the User himself, and the Users have the right of claiming their losses and damages in the event that they incur losses and suffer damages as a result of the unlawful processing of their personal data.

The users may submit their requests in writing to info@yapi-yapi.com.tr in writing. In accordance with the above-mentioned demands, Yapı & Yapı may provide a reasoned positive / negative response in writing or digitally. It is essential that there is no charge for the necessary transactions regarding the requests. However, if the transactions require a cost, it is possible to charge a fee based on the tariff specified in Article 13 of the Personal Data Protection Act (Privacy Act).

The Users subscribe/undertake to ensure that the information provided in the Terms of Use and Confidentiality/Privacy provided by Yapı & Yapı is complete, accurate and up-to-date, and will update them immediately and accordingly in the event of any amendments/changes to this information. If users do not provide up-to-date information, Yapı & Yapı will not have any liability/responsibility.

The Users accept, acknowledge and declare that if they have a request which will result in the non-use of any personal data by Yapı & Yapı, they may not be able to fully benefit from the services that Yapı & Yapı has undertaken/committed to them and that all responsibilities arising within this scope shall be undertaken/covered them.

Period of Keeping Personal Information

Yapı & Yapı shall retain the personal data provided by the Users for the duration of the services provided in order to fulfill the obligations arising from the nature of the services which Yapı & Yapı provides. In addition, in the event of any dispute between Users and Yapı & Yapı, the User may retain personal data for a limited period of time in accordance with the relevant legislation and for the duration of the statute of limitations in order to perform the necessary defenses within the scope of the dispute.

Precautions, Undertakings and Liability relating to the Security of Personal Data

In accordance with the conditions set forth in the provisions of the relevant legislation or these Terms of Use and privacy text; Yapı & Yapı undertakes to take necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the proper level of security in order to ensure that personal data is not illegally processed, so as to access personal data unlawfully and to protect personal data, and to carry out the necessary audits. Yapı & Yapı agrees to and accepts no responsibility for any damages which may occur as a result of using personal data in accordance with the above conditions.

Changes/Amendments and Final Provisions

Yapı & Yapı reserves the right to change the terms of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy without any prior notices. The current provisions become effective as soon as they are presented to Users by any means.

Before entering the website, the Users irrevocably accept, declare and commit to have read the above Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Website, adhere to and abide by all the above-mentioned issues and if there is any dispute or conflict about the issues mentioned here, Istanbul Court and Debt Enforcement Offices will be authorized accordingly. The contents of the website and all electronic media and computer records owned by Yapı & Yapı are to be deemed as definitive evidence in accordance with Article 193 of Code of Civil Procedure.

MOHG Disclaimer

Astaş – Yapı ve Yapı Adi Ortaklığı and any affiliates thereof (“Developer”) are the sole offerors of a) the real property being offered for sale as The Residences at Mandarin Oriental Etiler, Istanbul (“Residences”) in conjunction with the development of the proposed Mandarin Oriental Etiler, Istanbul hotel (“Hotel”) and b) any rental programs offered to purchasers in connection with the sale of the Residences. Neither Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group nor any of its affiliates, nor their respective Officers, Directors, Agents or Employees (collectively, “MOHG”), are in any way owners, offerors, promoters, issuers or underwriters of, or responsible or liable for, or are making any representations or warranties with respect to, the Developer, construction of the Residences, any offering for sale of the real property constituting the Residences, or any increase or return on related investment.

MOHG has not assumed and has no liability or responsibility for any financial statements, projections or other financial information contained in any sales and marketing materials, prospectus or similar written or oral statements relating to the Residences. Developer has the sole right and responsibility for the manner and means by which the Residences are sold, and for all representations in relation to the Residences. The validity of the Developer’s rights to use the “Mandarin Oriental” name and trademarks (“MOHG Marks”) in connection with the Residences and the Hotel is subject to certain terms and conditions stipulated in relevant agreements. The right to use the MOHG Marks in connection with the Residences is thus subject to such terms and conditions and no such right is included in the Residence being acquired by any purchaser. The use of the MOHG Marks in connection with the Hotel and Residences are subject to the validity of relevant agreements. All purchasers should seek their own legal, financial and Professional advice before entering into any agreement in respect of the Residences.